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3S 5200 mah reinforced* soft case Lipo pack with 45C constant 90C burst discharge rate. These packs are designed to fit the Traxxas vehicles with the “battery doors” like the summit and E-Revo so we have them listed here with our hard case packs. 2C max charge rate. Cells are matched on resistance and capacity (2.4 milliohms ohms per cell average) and can be safely charged up to 2C (10.4 amps). The pack comes hard-wired with 12 gauge wire, XH style balance plug, and your choice of female connector. Please select from drop down menu.  *The cells are wrapped lengthwise with a 13 mil protective plastic wrap for added protection to the cells.

3s 5200 Mah 45C

SKU: 3s520050C
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  • Type Lipo 11.1v
    Capacity / C Rating 5200Mah / 45C-90C
    Weight (total w/ plug) 12.5oz./352grams
    Dimensions 139mm, 5.47″ L x 45mm, 1.77″ W x 28mm, 1.10″ H


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