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Pro-Match Racing is a family owned business that has specialized in selling batteries for the radio control market since 1995. We may be small as a company, but we are focused on quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We are a family, and conduct our business in a manner that makes you feel that you are a member of the Pro-Match family. Every inquiry or transaction is handled with a personal touch, giving utmost attention and offering our time-proven expertise.  When it comes to service, there is no other option but one that is sincere and honest.

We take great pride and joy in the many years that we have been part of your passion for RC racing. We are happy with what we do, and knowing that the products we sell  help your RC cars perform at their peak potential.  This drives us to keep getting even better. Our long years in the business stand testament to our commitment.

Pro-Match Racing looks beyond the technical aspects of  RC battery packs. We conduct business from a perspective that considers the overall aspects of your goals. To us, RC racing combines the passion, thrill, enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience. These elements when combined simply become happiness. We are more than happy to be part of something valuable to you.

Let Pro-Match Racing be your source for RC racing batteries and accessories.

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