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Upgrade to the awesome power of Pro-Match with these new 50c CONSTANT! rated Lipo packs made to be compatible With some E-flight products 3300 mah capacity you won’t run short on playtime! These reinforced* soft case packs are manufactured with the highest quality materials (critical materials come from Japan) and assembled with matched cells. These packs come standard with 10 gauge wire, XH style balance plug, and EC3 style power plugs. But you can have us put any one of several different plugs we carry. Just select from the drop down menu below.  * The cells are wrapped lengthwise with a 13 mil plastic wrap for added protection to the cells.

3s 3300Mah 50C Soft

SKU: 3s3300Mah50csoft
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  • Type Lipo 11.1v
    Capacity / C Rating 50C-100C
    Weight (total w/o plug) 7.5./212 grams
    Dimensions 131mm, 5.16″ L x 44mm, 1.73″ W x 16.50mm, .651″ H


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