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Pro-Match High Voltage ultra high performance shorty Lipo Pack. Our new LCG shorty high voltage pack sets a new standard in performance. Insane power with the improved 4200 mah of rated capacity and a 120c “CONSTANT” discharge rating. If you are racing in a limited motor class, this is absolutely your best choice! These all newly formulated Graphene Lithium Polymer packs hold even more voltage and have lowest internal resistance of any pack in this class. The pack comes with 4mm gold plated plug tubes. A 4mm 10 gauge wire charging harness with XH style balance plug, and your choice of power plug (please select from drop down menu). With our unsurpassed dedication to customer satisfaction your choice should be crystal clear.

Although these packs can be charged with standard li-po chargers, to get the full performance from this pack, use a Li-HV charger that can charge to 4.35 volts per cell.

2s 4200mah Shorty Low Profile

SKU: 2s4200mah120cLPPI
  • Type Li-HV 7.6v
    Capacity / C Rating 4200mah / 120C-240C
    Weight (total w/o plug) 156 grams 5.51 ounces
    Dimensions 95mm, 3.64″ L x 47mm, 1.85″ W x 18.5mm, .73″ H


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