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New For 2022 6s 5000Mah 50c to 100c Burst. This pack pack plenty of punch @ 22.2v and offers ampel run time with the extended 5000 mah's of capacity Same Great Build properties of our other great packs with reinforced contruction and big 12 Awg wire. Great for the popular and growing extremes of 1/6th 1/7th and some 1/5th scale application and some of your larger planes and boats as well. Choose your plug from the drop down menu.

6s 5000 Mah 50C Soft

SKU: 6s5000mah50csoft
  • type Lipo 22.2v
    Capacity / C Rating 5000Mah / 50C-100C
    Weight (total w/ plug) 644g/22.72oz
    Dimensions 133mm, 5.24″ L x 44mm, 1.75″ W x 54mm, 2.12″ H


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