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Our Long Awaited High Performance, 5mm Plugin, Detachable balance, lead 4s has finaly arrived. You asked for higher Mah's,  so we brought you 6800 Mah's. You asked for a Higher C Rating, so we brought you 150c Constant and 300c burst in a standard voltage configuration. Detachable balance lead and charge lead make for a clean installation in most 8th scale buggy and truggy platforms, as well as some of todays modern 6th and 7th scale bashers. This pack is based on our 3s8000 platform using the same critical internal components imported from japan. This is hands down our best 4s pack geared towards the race scene....

4s 6800 Mah 150C

SKU: 4s6800mah150cpi
  • Type Lipo 14.8v
    Capacity / CRating 6800 Mah /150c -300c
    Weight (total w/ plug) 22.34 Oz /633.2 Grams
    Dimensions 138mm, 5.50″ L x 46mm, 1.85″ W x 48.50mm, 1.91″ H


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