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Pro-Match 4S 5200mah capacity 50C constant 100C burst rate hard case Li-po pack. This 4S pack is the lightest 4 cell lipo pack we sell. A full 4 ounces lighter than our 4s8000150c. Very popular when you have short qualifiers or mains. Made with matched cells and have a 2C (10.4 amps) max charge rate. The critical materials in these packs are imported from Japan. It comes hardwired with XH balance plug and your choice of female connector available from the drop down menu.

4s 5200 Mah 50C

SKU: 4s5200mah50c
$74.99 Regular Price
$67.49Sale Price
  • Type Lipo 14.8v
    Capacity / C Rating 5200Mah / 50C-100C
    weight/with Plug 475g/16.78oz
    Dimensions 138mm,5.58'lenght x47mm1.85'widthx48.5mm1.91'Height


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