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 Pro-Match Racing series of flight/surface lipo batteries give you ultimate performance for your multi-rotor air-frames and planes as well as some 16th scale cars like the mini revo!!!. This lipo has a 45cC continuous 90 C burst rating (unlike the 10-20c rated packs you normally find)and is designed for multi-rotor or plane applications where extreme power is desired. This pack maximizes flight time/run time with minimal voltage sag. The 4s2200 mah battery is perfect for small aircraft/cars that require a compact battery. See size & specs below for proper fit. Please choose you plug in the drop down menu

4s 2200 Mah 45c soft

SKU: 4s2200mah45csoft
$47.99 Regular Price
$43.19Sale Price
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  • Type Lipo 14.8v
    Capacity / C Rating 2200Mah / 45C-90C
    Weight (total w/ plug) 237g/8.39 oz
    Dimensions 102mm 4.00"length 34.3mm 1.35"width 33mm 1.30"Height


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