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Pro-Match High Voltage ultra high performance Li-HV (LCG) Pack. This high voltage pack has plenty of capacity at  9000 mah and a 120c “CONSTANT” discharge rating and 240c burst. This is an excellent choice for the long main or monster Power Hv short Runs.The pack comes with 5mm gold plated plug tubes that go all the way through the pack so the orientation of the + and – terminals can be swapped in your vehicle. A 5mm 10 gauge wire charging harness with XH style balance plug . Although these packs can be charged with standard li-po chargers, to get the full performance from this pack, use a Li-HV charger that can charge to 4.35 volts per cell. 

2s 9000 Mah High Voltage

SKU: 2s9000mahHVPI
  • Type Li-HV 7.6
    Capacity / C Rating 9000mah 120C-240C
    Weight (total w/o plug) 330 grams 11.66 ounces
    Dimensions 139mm, 5.4″ L x 47mm, 1.85″ W x 25.00mm, .985″ H


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