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The Hawks Nest 500

Whoa!!! What a day!!!! Our winners Of the First Annual Hawks Nest 500 2 Hr Mudboss Enduro 2023.

In the one spot, Kenny Northern and his teammate Jack Deanda, finishing with 924 laps. In the two spot, Nick Martinez and his teammate Jeff Kraft, finishing with 882 laps. Finishing in the third and final podium spot was Bob Benjamin and his teammate Leah Martinez, finishing with 859 laps.

The intensity was high as the drivers worked out their pit and driver change strategies. As the race ensued and things settled down, there were four team

s that made it clear that they were here to win. For the first 60 mins, team Kenny-Jack and team Nick-Jeff battled for the lead spot with team Marco-John and team Bob-Leah not far behind. Shortly after the first 60 mins, team Jack-Kenny put in a few good stents with their superior driving skills and opened up a 20 lap lead and pretty much stayed there the whole second half. Team Nick-Jeff tried to stay in contact with the leaders but incurred several marshall penalties, costing them several

laps in the end. This pretty much sealed the deal for second place with a solid 50 lap lead over third place team John-Marco.

The race wasn't over, though, with about 30 mins left, tem Marco-John found themselves in a chess match with team Leah-Bob. Team Leah-Bob closed in and brought the gap down to about 5 laps. Neither team wanted to pull off track for the necessary battery changes because it meant forfeiting the position.

With the race end nearing, team Marco-John were holding third position but found the wall and snapped a chassis, paving the way for team Leah-Bob to assume third position. Team Marco-John put in a strong effort to get the car back on track and ran out of time finishing in the four spot.Great effort for the rest of our finishers.

In the

5 spot was team Mike-Bradley finishing with 771 laps. These guys were tough. Hard to put a pass on this father son duo. In the 6 spot was team Tim-Jeremiah finishing with 722 laps lots of time in the pits for these two suffering several steering malfunctions. In the 7 spot was team Rob-Carol finishing with 648 laps another team that suffered from mechanical issues and spending a lot of time in the pits. Finally in our 8 spot was team Gabe-Ray finishing with 535 laps. Not to bad considering this was only their second race.

HUGE THANK YOU to our Race Director Rachel Martinez she did an awesome job and took the task by the horns and got it done despite a few minor hiccups. THANK YOU To our Marshalls and pit Officials keeping an eye on all our drivers and their cars for the duration of the race couldn't have done it without you Jon Morris, Blake Neilson, and Wayde Bloedorn. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors that helped put the Event on......

The Desert Hawks Rc Club---Hot Rock Hobbies---Pro-Match Racing---Havasu Tattoo---Dek X---Callagy Construction---The Weatherman Heating And Air conditioning---Sunshine Air Conditioning---Aquatic Services Of Mohave County---Western Pool And Spa...

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